The history of Santa Rita dates back to 1976 when Santa Rita Srl began working with fresh Italian produce to produce preserves and semi-preserves. The Vibo Valentia plant covers an area of 13,000 square meters (1,600 square meters indoors and 5,000 square meters of equipped yard) and is equipped with modern facilities for the continuous processing and packaging of raw materials, with a daily production capacity of 50 quintals.

Mission e Vision

Since its inception, Santa Rita has deemed it necessary to operate in the sector of typical regional specialties, prioritizing the quality of products followed by the phase of entry into the warehouse up to the sale. What is now referred to as the supply chain traceability has been a spontaneous modus operandi in our company, which has become the driving philosophy of our business policy to achieve the finished product that meets the Quality concept required by our market. The company acquires fresh vegetable raw materials of national origin and personally processes them through natural fermentation in brine to guarantee its customers a genuine, high-quality product. During the maturation process, no chemical substances are used, only natural sea salt, which allows for natural fermentation and maturation of the product.


The need to operate in a constantly evolving market has forced the company to not rest on its laurels and to commit to concrete efforts to improve and evolve its products. Santa Rita is committed daily to the implementation of new production lines, technological innovation, continuous improvement of products, processes, and methods, to achieve and consolidate levels of excellence.

The research center in Naples has the most advanced research equipment. Highly qualified personnel collaborate with university structures to develop research projects applied to product and processing innovation within the company.

In terms of analytical control, the company uses its own internal laboratory for Quality controls to validate the microbiological and chemical-physical properties of the outgoing lots, delegating the control of the contaminants to the Neotron S.p.A. laboratory. of Modena.

The transformation and packaging process of each product is monitored in every phase and certified to guarantee its quality.