Santa Rita has over 40 years of experience in the industry, which has allowed the company to grow and perfect its production process and product. This is why the company offers a Contract Manufacturing service, putting its know-how and production capabilities at the disposal of its customers.

Santa Rita produces and distributes different product lines under the customer’s brand. Taking care of ideation and production, the company manages the entire production process, combining its expertise with a deep knowledge of the industry. For years, Santa Rita has been producing products on behalf of companies that commission entire productions under their own brand, ensuring maximum efficiency and competitiveness.

With this service, Santa Rita offers customers guarantees in terms of:

  • organoleptic characteristics of the product;
  • customization of the recipe;
  • food safety;
  • quality;
  • production efficiency and flexibility;
  • planning;
  • product availability;
  • adherence to delivery times.