Naturally sun-dried tomatoes, seasoned with traditional herbs and packed in olive oil, are a traditional preserve to bring the taste of tomatoes to our tables all year round.

Ingredients: Dried tomato, olive oil, fennel seeds, laurel, oregano, hot pepper, salt

Nutrition facts 100g contains:

  •        Energy 985 kJ/ 238 kcal
  •        Fat 16,8 g
  •        Of which saturates 2,95 g
  •        Carbohydrate 13,3 g
  •        Of which sugars 10,5 g
  •        Fibre 4,1 g
  •        Protein 4,1 g
  •        Salt 2,6 g

Storage conditions: Store at room temperature, preferably in a cool and dry place. After opening, store in the refrigerator covered with oil and consume preferably within two weeks.

Size: 200g